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Sorry coz i was away from here....

it's because i can't open LJ for weeks:( it happened second time, the first time it was hacked) i can't open my own account, inbox, etc . i can see my friends page n leave comment there though, but the rest.... only the goat picture show up, till i use my office computer now and it worked. perhaps i need to reinstall my OS n firefox at home.

for the selling journal, if u guys still interested (coz i see several messages i left, sorry)

i will try to reply next week.-__-

very sorry....i hate Lj nowaday....

xmen charles yoo

Selling Journal: ARTBOOK n MAGZ

1.please read the FAQS here before sending me any question
2. first come first serve, lave the comment here with the item code u want, your paypal address and your location, i will comeback to you with shipping fee.
3. No on hold~ sorry
4. Post with heavy pict below, sorry

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I feared that my SPN temporary Hiatus will turn to permanent...

i already spoke about it on my TUMBLR but in case u guys don't use TUMBLR then i might say what that had been in my mind these past 4 months.

Just checked my SPN WIP folder, and there are still tonz of unfinished sketch/concepts that i made back for S4-5
i dont want them to be abandoned and wasted but at the same time i already lost interest with my BB. Haven't make decision yet but if this keep going on for next next months then i perhaps need to "close the curtain" :(

trying to re-watch S4-5 again to save the "soul", but i dont really know what to do after this point.


on the good news:

There will be more works for XMFC n TWD later and i’m trying to make Sherlock too, but apparently i still haven’t find the soul. So i will keep stickin to my two main fandoms,first~ But after i studied n Practice Benedict's awesome face then i can get a go~:)

Happy weekend  and luv u all~

mcfassy love

Thx for the Dragon Gift~

for who ever sending me one<3 <3 THANK U SO MUCH~

and just an announcement:
i learn that i can't pleased everyone, so i locked my latest entry, So sorry about it, but to prevent anymore Flames in my own journal (it's up to people if they want to cursing me somewhere else) i will friend locked every entry that related to that WWII AU.

A few awesome people already send me rough drabble links based on the art while shinigami_yumi had also sending me an amazing based plot~

luv u guys.